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 SEA KINGS is a magical pirate adventure playset for the PARAGON system from the AGON roleplaying gameA copy of AGON is required to play. For more on the PARAGON system, including how to publish your own playsets, visit AGON-RPG.com.

On Riknoumi the Sea Kings rule. In this far off world the Age of Destruction dawned when a group of pirates, thousands of years ago, discovered the legendary treasure that unlocked ascension and the awakening of birthseals. At the awakening of the birthseals, every race had children born with and strange marks which destined them for an obsession with traveling the seas with a goal of gaining ascension.  After many years of war, eight kings were established and all that remained of the world were islands controlled by those eight. Each Sea King found ascension, leaving their territories protected and in a state of peace. Many thought the wars were over until the Sea Kings became bored and wanted a new challenge. So they spread news to every Island a simple challenge: “Take control of our lands and ascend to join us, good luck”.

The Age of Pirates dawned with this declaration. Born with the birthseal, you gather your crew, and begin your path towards ascension. What is the pirate life to you? Freedom? Adventure? Power? Peace?

In this playset you will find:

  • New/Expanded rules for primarily Epithet, Wrath, and Leadership.
  • A new Technique system built around a random Birthseal from a list of 300!
  • A standard character sheet featuring your Jolly Rodger and Birthseal.
  • Sample territory for Blackbeard and Morgan (more to be added)
  • A new Vault of Heaven called Path to Ascension. 

SEA KINGS modifies the awesome PARAGON system to a world of magical pirate adventure with a main inspiration from the legendary world of One Piece. Wield your random BIRTHSEAL, decide your JOLLY ROGER, and embark on your path to ASCENSION!

I plan to add more sample islands for each Sea King along with islands for Government and pirates. Any donations will go to future PARAGON projects and I thank you for your support.

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I read the entire rulebook. Excellent game idea!


Thank you for your comment! Hope you enjoy :)